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Water Efficiency Manual
Water Efficiency Manual for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Facilities

Water use and allocation continue to grow as important local and global issues.   Many water-consuming North Carolina businesses have already implemented best management practices and installed water-saving devices.  These businesses using water more efficiently have realized more than just the environmental benefits for their behaviors; they've also enjoyed the cost savings that go along with it.

Water efficiency measures can reduce water and sewer costs by up to 30 percent.   In addition, energy savings can be realized by using less energy for heating, pumping and treating water.  Environmental benefits include increased water available to local stream ecosystems and underground aquifers, and decreased energy, infrastructure and chemicals needed for local water treatment.

This website is intended as a resource for those who want to get started using water more efficiently.   The Business and Industry Case Study website lists case studies from businesses and industries that have implemented best management practices at their facilities.   In the Resources section, you'll find everything from technical fact sheets and industry-specific information to printable brochures for employee education.   In 2010, a series of webinars is being held on water efficiency aimed at businesses, commercial facilities and institutions.  Each webinar will be recorded for playback and a PDF of it and other resources are available on the Water Efficiency Webinars website.

The "Water Efficiency Manual for Commercial, Industrial and Institutional Facilities" highlighted above is a great resource for industries to learn how to reduce water usage, improve efficiency and save money in their operations, and can help you get started with a water efficiency program.

The N.C. Division of Environmental Assistance and Customer Service is also available to help business and industry through on-site water audits and waste assessments, or support over the phone, just call 1-877-623-6748.