In the Classroom

The N.C. Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, other states and the federal government provide many environmental education resources -- including information on water resources -- for the state’s K-12 teachers.  These resources come in the form of professional development experiences, student field experiences, school outreach programs and support materials.

The Water Connection

N.C. Environmental Education Resources for Educators

Project Wet - Water Education for Teachers

It’s Our Water – geared toward high school environmental science

National Clearinghouse for Educational Facilities Water Efficiency Resource Lists

Ground Water basics

Ground water and drinking water: An expert guide for kids

EPA WaterSense Kids

A Day in the Life of a Drop (WaterSense)

EPA Education Resources

USGS Water Science for Schools

Water Conservation for Kids

Preserve the Earth - Water Conservation Resources

Home Water Conservation Guide

Fix a Leak

The best domestic water saving gadgets

Water Reuse

Save Water at School


Conservin' Irvin, the state’s official water conservation mascot, visited New Bern's Ben D. Quinn Elementary School for the school’s 2010 Earth Day celebration. Irvin passed out recycling stickers and cheered on the students who won contests for art and poetry that emphasized environmental protection.