In Our Homes

On average, residential use - that includes single and multi-family homes - accounts for over 50 percent of the water used by the customers of the more than 500 water systems that submit local water supply plans to the N.C. Division of Water Resources.   So, what you do at home really DOES make a difference.  The fact is water is a limited resource.  And we all need water for life.

Making the decision to conserve water in everything you do – from shortening showers, to installing rain barrels – will make our limited water go further.   Be sure to visit the Irrigation Section of this website for information on how to save water used outside your home.

The best conservation is done one home at a time, one person at a time.


What's New?

EPA's Rebate Finder
Looking for rebate programs in your area? Check out the WaterSense Rebate Finder.   It provides links directly to WaterSense partners that offer rebates for WaterSense labeled products.  You can sort the list by partner name, state or rebate type.